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  • To deliver the best quality mini bike for an affordable price

  • Most recognized mini moto pit bike brand in the world!!

  • For 2013 the Thumpstar has done some major upgrades, to provide maximum reliability & strength but in an affordable price range, many of the other brands on the market are known for teething problems, especially the cheaper and older models, Thumpstar from many years of experience has gone all out to eliminate these problems on all our models. Some of them include; we have used a Genuine Mikuni Carb, which is made in Japan, these are proven carbs and provide smooth power and reliability. We have added a “sprocket lock tab” on rear sprocket, which locks the bolts into place making it impossible for them to come loose. We have also added a rim lock to the rear wheel, which stops flat tyres from “Valve Ripping”. Where possible we have used cradle frame, which means basically the footpegs are mounted to the frame rather than engine casings, many brands do not have cradle frames including Honda CRF50. All our disc brake models use Dual Piston Front Brakes, which is much needed for saftey and great if you want to out brake your friends into the corners, 70% of your braking is in your front end so this is a much needed feature.

  • Thumpstar was the first “Pit Bike” brand introduced into Australia, now almost 10 years later, they have come along way, the new models have introduced some features, learned from many years of experience, to name a few, including rim locks front and rear, sprocket lock plates, cradle frames, stronger gearbox, mikuni carbs & ASV levers.

  • Hunge 10, Hunge 25, TSX 88, TS 125, TSX 125, TSR 125, TSR 155