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  • Innovative & Exciting Off-Road / UTV Vehicles

  • “We Are Driven” to provide our Customers with the most innovative and exciting Off-Road and UTV vehicles that are available. Background/History ?2000- Joyner Changzhou Recreational Vehicles Company (Joyner Changzhou) was established. ?2004- Joyner Changzhou signed a USA exclusive sales agreement with TeamJoynerUSA ?2008- TeamJoynerUSA was acquired by Iplex ?3/2010- TeamJoynerUSA went out of business because Castle Financial Corporation could not meet necessary EPA regulations. ?4/2010- Joyner Changzhou signed an exclusive sales agreement with JMC Company, but the two companies ended the agreement within 1 year. ?1/2011- Joyner Changzhou established a wholly subsidiary company called “Joyner USA inc.” ?6/2011- Joyner USA inc. acquired the trademark for “Joyner” through Court and EPA/CARB Certification for its buggies and UTV models featuring Joyner's 800cc and 1100cc engines.

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(480) 882-9612

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3725 E Roeser Rd, # 18
Phoenix, AZ, United States