• US Manufacturer of All Wheel Drive Off Road and Road Motorcycles starting at $8,395. Financing available. Worldwide shipping.

  • All Wheel Drive!!! We have the only Motorcycles in the world that have the traction to go anywhere. Prices for the new complete CHRISTINI AWD motorcycles start at $6,895 for the CHRISTINI AWD 450, $7695 for the CHRISTINI AWD 450 DS, and $8995 for the CHRISTINI AWD 300.

  • To establish All Wheel Drive as a mainstream motorcycle technology throughout the world.

  • Bike of the Year - Dirt Rider Magazine Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce Technological Excellence Award US Military AWD Motorcycle Supplier

  • CHRISTINI All Wheel Drive motorcycles manufactures and distributes AWD bikes worldwide. The mechanical AWD system delivers power from the motorcycle transmission to the front wheel through a series of chains and shafts. We are the worlds only AWD motorcycle manufacturer and are constantly developing our system for new models. The lightweight all-mechanical system works similar to that of AWD systems found on four wheeled vehicles. The AWD system (powering the front wheel) is driven at a slightly lower rate than the rear wheel (approximately 80%). Under optimum traction conditions, the rear wheel is actually driving faster than the front AWD system. One-way clutches within the front hub allow the front wheel to freewheel under these conditions. At this point, the AWD system is effectively passive. Though the front AWD system is turning, it is not actually transferring power to the front wheel. When the rear wheel loses traction, the drive ratio, relative to your forward speed, changes. The AWD system engages, transferring power to the front wheel until traction is reestablished at the rear wheel. The way the front system works is like pedaling a bicycle down hill. You are pedaling, but because of gravity (acting like the rear drive) the bike is traveling faster than you are delivering power. When you get to the bottom of the hill and slow down (similar to what happens when the rear wheel spins), you will begin to power the bike again. An added benefit of AWD is that the front wheel does not want to wash out. When a front end tucks, the wheel stalls, stops turning, and begins to push. With the AWD system, as soon as the wheel begins to stall, power is delivered to the front wheel, forcing it to turn. With the front wheel under power, it is nearly impossible to wash out the front end.

  • CHRISTINI AWD 450 ($6895), CHRISTINI AWD 450 DS ($7695), CHRISTINI AWD 300 ($8995), AWD Christini-KTM, AWD Christini-Honda, Various road motorcycles (in development).

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