• BMS Motorsports manufactures & Distributes Off Road products like ATVs, UTVs, Side By Sides, Dune Buggies & On Road products like Scooters & Motorcycles

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  • BMS has dedicated it’s time and resources in supplying our customers with the highest quality off-road and on-road motorcycles and scooter available in the Chinese market today. Our business philosophy is based on one very simple point, QUALITY. Unlike other business who focus only on getting the cheapest price. We are committed to providing our customers with a great overall experience in every aspect of our service High Quality Products, High Quality Customer Service, and High Quality Parts Support. Whether that is in sales, after sale customer’s support, or customer service, we’re confident that your experience with us will leave you feeling comfortable in knowing that you found a great deal. Quality Here at BMS our corporate philosophy has always reflected quality concern. First of all, we don’t carry poor Chinese products that only carry an attractive price. We know that our dealers would have a much easier time selling them, but what about the damage to their reputation and the added customer’s frustration, with a cheap but poorly made product. Look closely and not only will you see, but you will also feel the BMS philosophy. The Proof is In the Product. Desgin Innovative design has been a BMS hallmark since day one. Today your new BMS stands at the forefront of the Chinese motorcycle industry. Our strong relationship and communication with the manufacturer enhances our products and allows us eliminate old fashion design and equipment. Compare BMS to any of the other products that are out there in the Chinese market today. Here at BMS our customers do not need to spend more to get quality products that will stand the test of time and be at the forefront of technology and design. That is a BMS goal! Affordable Price The price is one of the most attractive, and important elements in sales. The price range in the Chinese market varies too much. For example if you are shopping for a 150cc battery, you will find a variety of prices depending on the supplier If you buy that lower prices battery, you will be saving money of course, but at the cost of quality. Here at BMS we require our factory to equip our products with hi-quality parts. How can we compete in the main stream market, along with those low mainstream prices, as well as compete with other Chinese importers. By reducing our profit range, we BMS guarantee to provide you with high-end quality products at an affordable price, compared to our Chinese competitors. Rules of Marketing Recently, the Chinese motorcycle industry has been plagued by problems. So many importers and distributors try to sell their products on their own by means of retail, or internet sales, but how many of these businesses are still standing. Here at BMS our marketing philosophy is simple “We don’t sell to the public.” Here at BMS we safeguard our dealers territory, we work hard to promote our dealers so that both they and BMS reach our goals together. FEEL THE DIFFERENCE!

  • BMS offers a wide variety of products including the following. 50CC Scooters Federal 50 Tuscan 50 150CC Scooters / Motorcycles Heritage 150 Palazzo 150 Chelsea 150 Premier 150 Kerrigan 150 260CC Scooter / Motorcycle TBX 260 EFI Go Karts & Dune Buggies Sand Sniper 150 Sand Sniper 400 Sand Sniper 500 V-Twin Buggy 800 Sand Sniper 1000 2 Seat Sand Sniper 1000 4 Seat Side By Sides (UTVs) Avenger 150 Avenger 150 MAX Avenger 150 Max 22 Ranch Pony 500 Ranch Pony 600 BMS V-Twin UTV 800 ATVs Typhoon 125

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