• Amore Moto are the Official UK importer of Bimota Motorcycles, Parts and merchandise. We also run an International Road Race team using Bimota`s!

  • Amore Moto are the UK Distributor for Bimota motorcycles. Three Bimota fans, Constantine Blias, Ben Wylie and Mark Willmore have done the deal in July 2014 with Daniele Longoni, one of the new owners of Bimota to be the sole UK importer. Bimota are moving forward fast, we are really looking forward to the years ahead. We are also running a race team using the new BB3 and a classic race team running the YB4ei. BIMOTA AND AMORE MOTO Both born of the same passion for motorcycles and motorcycle racing. It was in the summer 1972 next to the Curva Della Quercia at the Misano circuit that Massimo Tamburini having just crashed and broken three ribs made a decision that revolutionized motorcycling forever and lead to the birth of Bimota. Fast forward 42 years to the 22nd of June 2014 at the same Missano Circuit at a meeting between Daniele Longoni (Bimota owner) Ben Wylie (TT and international road racer) and Constantine Blias (Bimota collector and self-confessed Bimota anorak) that a decision was also made. To bring Bimota to the UK and Amore Moto was born. Ben and Constantine the owners of Amore Moto first came together though their mutual passion for motorcycle racing and have worked together under the banner of Wylie Racing for the past few years. Constantine’s love of Bimota soon spread to Ben when he first rode one of Constantine’s collection, a Bimota HB4 Moto2 bike that was ridden by Ratthapark Wilairot in the 2010 world championship. In late 2013 rumours of a new superbike from Bimota started circulating and it was obvious that it was going to be the bike to have. So at a team meeting held while racing at the Macau Grand Prix it was decided to move fast to be the first to have it in road racing. This lead to several meetings with Daniele Longoni where the shared passion for Bimota was so overwhelming it was decided to not only be the Bimota Factory Road Racing Team but to also the UK importer. Ben has a lifelong association and knowledge of the motorcycle industry through his family who owned several motorcycle dealerships during his youth and then through racing as an adult and Constantine through many years of collecting and researching Bimota has a knowledge especially of the earlier models that would be hard to equal. Together they form a formidable team to help you with all aspects of Bimota ownership from new bike sales and merchandise to spare parts and servicing to a selection of pre- owned bikes. We can even help you with worldwide sourcing for that special model that you just have to own.

  • Importer of Bimota Motorcycles

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