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  • Manufacturer of 4x4 electric, hybrid, and gas powered off-road vehicles. For more:

  • About Bad Boy: Bad Boy is a leader in off-road utility vehicles for hunting and outdoor lifestyles. Bad Boy pioneered the category of electrically powered 4x4 vehicles, ideal for hunting and outdoor recreation due to their silent, odorless operation and environmentally friendly, emissions-free drivetrains. Today, the Bad Boy product line includes the hybrid Ambush iS, which features the flexibility to switch between independent gas and electric powertrains, the utility of Regen Mode™ to recharge the vehicle’s batteries on the fly, and the ability to engage both powertrains at once for 4WD power; four-wheel-drive electric machines such as the Recoil, which offers an innovative, highly efficient 72-volt AC electric drivetrain; and the Work Series of diesel and gas-powered utility vehicles such as the XD, a versatile 4WD, diesel-powered utility vehicle with a total capacity of 1,600 pounds. FACEBOOK COMMENT POLICY: Bad Boy welcomes conversation and interaction on our Facebook page. Our goal is to create a place where current or future Bad Boy owners can learn about our products and share their outdoor experiences. In an effort to keep this conversation relevant and useful we ask that you follow our community guidelines. Failure to do so may result in the deletion of your post. Repeated violations of the comment policy may cause the author to be blocked from the page. Comments will be deleted if they contain the following: • Profanity • Misinformation • Personal attacks • Information irrelevant to the post • Spam We do our best to monitor this page, but we also invite our followers to report any of the above violations.

  • Need Help? Visit Your Local Authorized Dealer Bad Boy dealers are the best resource for vehicle sales, parts, accessories and service needs. To find a dealer near you visit our web site Bad Boy Customer Service If you have contacted your local dealer but still have questions, please contact our Customer Service team for assistance. Please visit our Contact Us page at for details.

  • In 2003, Bubba Kaiser and Joe Palermo built the first Bad Boy and changed the outdoor industry forever. The two men invented the dual-motor, fully electric 4x4 vehicle, a machine that combined unparalleled off-road ability with quiet, emissions-free operation – the ideal hunting vehicle. After building the first Bad Boys from golf cars rebuilt with sophisticated independent suspension systems and high-torque drivetrains, the two men designed their own chassis and began building new vehicles from the ground up. Word-of-mouth spread about Kaiser and Palermo’s game-changing technology, and their initial success attracted new investors to the ownership team. In 2003, the expanding business set up shop on the port along the Mississippi River in Natchez, Miss., and a powerful marketing campaign soon introduced the phenomenon of the Bad Boy to the world at large. In October 2010, BB Buggies Inc. acquired the Bad Boy brand and operating assets from Bad Boy Enterprises. By networking this acquisition with the expertise and resources of E-Z-GO, a global leader in electric-vehicle technology, BB Buggies Inc. expanded the Bad Boy fully-electric product line. The company has continued to innovate over the years, introducing hybrid technology as well as new gas powered off-road vehicles to continue to transform the way people enjoy the outdoors.