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  • APEX MOTORS produces premium race-ready mini quads for youth riders that are serious about competing. Our models offer the most competitive performance quads in the mini category. Truly is the best in mini ATV racing!

  • Founded by Mr. Beckman took the initiative and went to Taiwan. He designed his own mini-ATV, taking it to the next level. He built a mini-ATV that was durable, stable, dependable, and affordable. From personal experience he knew what the customer was looking for in a mini-ATV, and he designed his ATV accordingly. The Apex Pro MXR is AMA / ATVA certified and is literally “race-ready” out-of-the-box. Mr. Beckman has singlehandedly opened up the ATV racing scene to many more families. These families otherwise would not have been able to become involved in racing due to the necessary knowledge and expense in preparing a race-ready ATV.

  • Our mission is to build and sell a race ready atv that can be taken out of the box put together and have the ability to win.

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Gilbert, AZ, United States